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My name is Brandon Alfriend, husband, father, and founder of Common Cents. Despite being a 3rd-generation REALTOR®, I never had any intentions of becoming an agent. I earned my business degree from OSU in 2010, and began a career in operations management. But as luck would have it, I ultimately ended up in real estate marketing and operations. For nearly four years, I developed processes to boost efficiency and customer service for a group of agents in Columbus. 

This is where the idea for CommonCents was born. In 2017, I launched CommonCents to help people save money when selling their home. I strive to keep costs down by automating basic tasks, eliminating waste, and streamlining processes. I believe real estate, like most industries, is due for a technological revolution, and I look forward to being part of the change.

While not working, I enjoy hanging out with my family, traveling the world, playing basketball, making pizza, and studying history.

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