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Buyer Rebate Program

Receive Up to $10,000 When You Purchase a Home with CommonCents!

How Does it Work?

As a general rule of thumb, your agent receives a 3% commission paid by sellers when you purchase a home. At CommonCents, we believe some of this should go back to you. After all, since the advent of the internet, buyers are finding most homes themselves through sites like Zillow and

How Much Do I Get Back?

We charge a fee of $2,500 plus $50 per showing. The rest of the commission (up to $10,000) goes back to you! See the example below based on a $400,000 home with 10 showings. All fees are paid at closing and deducted from your rebate.

  • Purchase Price: $400,000

  • Total Commission (3%): $12,000

  • CommonCents Fee: $2,500

  • Showing Fee (10 showings): $500

  • Total Rebate: $9,000

What's Included?

Even though we offer a discount price, we don't provide a discount service. We think you'll find our service is fairly all-inclusive. See for yourself!

  • Write purchase contract

  • Negotiate offers and counter offers on your behalf

  • Track timeline to closing and facilitate transaction

  • Coordinate home inspection

  • Negotiate request for repairs on your behalf

  • Coordinate closing and review closing statement

Perform final walk-through with you.

Ready to work with us? Click here to schedule a showing! Be sure to save this link so you can schedule a showing at anytime.

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