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A Secure Sell: 3 Ways Security Installs Help With Home Resale

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Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a home, you are likely watching trends for both. Analyzing the market temperature— realtor-speak for who has the advantage, buyers or sellers— can give you the insight you need to leverage your strengths and bolster your weaknesses. For example, if you want to sell your home in a buyers’ market, you know that potential buyers will have more options for their future homes. In these situations, paying attention to the trends can help your house stand out from the others.

Whether you are selling your home today, tomorrow or years on down the road, here are a few reasons why you should focus on one specific trend: security. Plus, we will suggest some simple, cost-effective security installations you can explore to help your home sell more quickly, boost curb appeal and increase resale value.

Homes with enhanced security sell more quickly

In a saturated market, you will need to impress buyers with projects that inspire them to act quickly on an offer. Falling in love with your home means they can imagine living their lives in your house. That’s why Dave Ramsey suggests you have to think like a buyer. From families with children to solo homeowners, security is a top priority.

For example, a security alarm that can be armed and disarmed with the swipe of an app appeals to parents who want to know their kids will be so safe that security is never even really questioned. In addition, a video doorbell can be attractive to people who live alone and want to feel secure when they are interacting with strangers or when there is no one at home.

Whether you decide to install smart home security products a la cart or employ a whole system that integrates with other automation (i.e., lighting, smart thermostats, Alexa, Google Home), even simple upgrades can attract a diverse set of buyers. This is especially true for Millennial and Gen X tech-savvy house hunters who appreciate these products’ ease of use and 24/7 protection.

Security can improve aesthetics and curb appeal

Installing good home security is about more than alarms and cameras. It’s about creating a safe and comfortable environment both in and outside the house. For example, you can hire a professional landscaper to plant tall shrubs around the perimeter of your home to ward off burglars. Ensure trees or bushes aren’t planted too close to your house. Total Landscape Care points out that if not strategically placed, a burglar can climb a tree to enter a second-story window or hide in a large shrub before sneaking into a first-floor window.

Security features increase resale value

When you take the time to prioritize security, you add more than value to your home— you add the protection of value. In other words, strong security features mean that the home— and the valuables within— are safe and secure. That’s the kind of investment buyers like to see for its ROI trickle-down effect. For instance, a security alarm that also manages smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can help save you on your monthly premium for homeowners insurance. Motion sensors for exterior lighting can help save on electric bill costs. Potential buyers want to spend money on a home that will be a good financial investment, and security systems, from simple to complex, bring in a new level of protection.

From remodeled kitchens to brand new appliances, there are many ways sellers can attract home buyers, but home security offers a special allure. It may not seem as glamorous as granite countertops, but the ROI is one of the most impressive. There are a lot of options for enhancing the security of your home, and each one gives home buyers priceless peace of mind and confidence.

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Devin Stiles
Devin Stiles
Feb 06

Considering the rising concerns about home security, Locksmith Durham NC offers a valuable service by installing cutting-edge security measures. This not only protects your home but also positions it as a desirable investment for future buyers who prioritize safety.


Michael Willis
Michael Willis
Apr 11, 2022

If you buy a new home, always hire commercial locksmith largo experts because they inspect all locks properly and replace old or rusted locks immediately to avoid burglaries.

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