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My Insight on COVID-19 Impact on the U.S. Real Estate Investors

Brandon Alfriend's insight on Covid-19 Impact on the US Real Estate Investors

Recently, I was asked for my expert insight on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the U.S. real estate investing businesses., an all-encompassing platform for various kinds of real estate professionals, reached out to me for my expert opinion on the subject.

I shared my point of view on what kind of impact the pandemic is causing on the real estate investors in the USA, and they included my answers in the report article. Read them here:

The article features answers to many interesting multiple choice and open questions. Notably, one of the questions is “What unexpected opportunities has the pandemic opened for real estate investors?”. It’s one of the questions I answered, and you can see how exactly in the article. There are also diagrams showing statistical data, according to which most real estate investors see new opportunities brought by the pandemic.

Other questions concern transferring to a “work from home” model, marketing strategy adjustments, and actually negative consequences for investors that I also commented on.

This report focusing on real estate investors is a part of a larger survey that also covers other types of real estate professionals: hard money lenders, realtors and brokers, home stagers, home inspectors, etc. You can see the general survey report here:

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